The girl in the white room

I actually really love the white room. And the conversations that were held in there. So I guess it inspired this gif :)

inhale. exhale. a mix for calming down. [listen here]

midnight - coldplay || young lion - vampire weekend || palace - the antlers || loveology - regina spektor || boats & birds - gregory and the hawk || I need my girl - the national || sun king - the beatles || the lament of eustace scrubb - the oh hellos || hold my hand as I’m lowered - noah and the whale || youth - daughter || hoppipolla - sigur ros || sweetheart, what have you done to us - keaton henson || fall creek boys choir - james blake & bon iver || tornado - jonsi || the universe - gregory alan isakov || lullabye (goodnight, my angel) - billy joel || birds - emiliana torrini || scarborough fair/canticle - simon & garfunkel || don’t go slow - benjamin francis leftwich || about sophie - keaton henson || pale blue eyes - velvet underground || swallowed in the sea - coldplay || dreams - the temper trap || gracious - ben howard || jessica - regina spektor

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92 seems more interesting *-*

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Xion isn’t taking Saix’s shit today >:)

AkuSai dedicated to misomilk

I think those two will get along splendidly

Swung by the waves of sorrow; burnt by the fires of anger;

Dazzling as a lightning;

Vowing for eternal love.

Even now we’re far apart, you’re surely not alone right?

As the Moonlight binds us.

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i wish marvel fandom would realize that nobody hates dc comics more than dc fans like they dont have to keep reminding us

The reins of history back in the hands of Man.

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